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Communicative Competence

Through our structured seminars, courses and workshops, we sustainably improve your employees’ communicative skills.

Based on a detailed initial discussion, we develop a solution 100% customized to your company. Using a range of didactic tools from theoretical background knowledge to appropriate case studies and practical real-life roleplays, we  ensure your employees become culturally and communicationally sensitized in their professional dealings with others.

CCC – Communicative Competence Corporati
Customized Courses


  • Intercultural Communication: For multinational teams or employees on secondments

  • Multigenerational Management: Leading and bringing together diverse age groups

  • Successful Presentations: Presentation techniques, materials, structure

  • Results-Oriented Telephonic Communication (for Customer Service and Sales)

  • Effective Feedback Techniques

Internationally Recognized Courses

  • Advanced Communications Skills 

  • Problem Solving Techniques 

  • Strategic Customer Service Skills 

  • Time Management Skills

Please contact us if the topics or skills you need are not listed. 

We will be delighted to develop a suitable training concept for you.

Your Advantages:
  • More harmonious, targeted and efficient communication

  • Case studies deepen background knowledge, which creates a solid foundation of understanding

  • Effective anchoring of corporate values

CCC – Communicative Competence Corporati
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