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Foreign Language Training

Our training courses are specific to our clients’ jobs, companies and industries, which allows for a sustainable improvement in the foreign language competence of your employees.

CCC – Communicative Competence Corporati

Based on a comprehensive initial assessment, we develop a foreign language training program fully customized to your company.

The goal is to rapidly increase the productivity of your employees with the help of company-specific training materials.

Course Options


  • Individual Training

  • Small Group Training

  • Intensive Training

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

Training Formats

  • Live Online Training (via web conference)

  • Face-to-Face Training (on your premises or in our offices)

  • Self-Paced Learning (via e-learning platform)

  • Blended Learning (combinable any of the above training forms)

Possible Course Topics


  • Small Talk, Networking and Conversation Skills

  • Business Emails, Effective Phone Calls and Presentation Techniques

  • Meetings and Negotiations

  • Refreshing and Consolidating Grammar Skills

Check Your Language Skills

Your Advantages


  • Rapid reduction of language barriers

  • More efficient and task-specific communication

CCC – Communicative Competence Corporati

Our satisfaction guarantee means that you do not take on any risk in working with us. If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel your booking or the project at any time - CCC only bills for services rendered. We are proud to say that our satisfaction guarantee has never been used so far!

We will work with you to find very best solutions to your challenges!

Please contact us if the above course models do not meet your expectations or if you need a special blended or e-learning concept. We will be delighted to develop a suitable training concept for you.

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