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CCC – Communicative Competence Corporati

CCC – Communicative Competence Corporati
CCC – Communicative Competence Corporati
Communicative Competence
Foreign Language Training
Language Services
What makes us different:
Business Client Niche
Time & Place Flexibility
Free Needs Analysis & Level Classification
Job & Industry Alignment
Concise Reporting
Fast Decisions & Execution
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About Us


As a competent, passionate and experienced service provider, we support companies located in the greater region of Stuttgart with their international communication as well as in the integration and development of their employees. CCC always adapts specifically to the needs and processes of its clients. As an international company, proudly based in Stuttgart, we know the specifics of the local corporate culture as well as your workforce very well. Furthermore, we understand what it means for people to gain a foothold in a new culture and to integrate themselves. Therefore, we are also able to accompany and support you throughout Germany and even globally in the training and language service needs of your in-country and expatriate employees.


Given our strong regional ties, our clients predominantly work in:

  • Automotive & Vehicle Construction

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Energy & Environmental Technology

  • Information Technology

  • Health & Medical Sector

  • Banking & Finance

  • Service Sector

Our clients include:
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